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健康 at St. 约翰的 School

St. 约翰’s School values academic excellence and the pursuit of intellectual growth and achievement. The School focuses on the whole child, as stated in its Mission Statement, and recognizes that health and well-being are fundamentally important. Research shows that a greater sense of well-being correlates to increased physical benefits as well as increased levels of motivation, creativity, and productivity. Stated simply, a focus on well-being helps students to become their best selves. 

Using the whole-child approach as our framework, the 健康 program incorporates services, 教育, 指导, and counseling support for the SJS community—parents, 教师, and students. Programs include:

  • Monthly parent coffees (see the 健康 Community Events 日历)
  • Student Assemblies
  • Evening programs featuring local and national experts
  • Guidance and coordination with the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program
  • Advisory discussions featuring wellness topics
  • Lunch-and-learn events
  • Support of student-driven wellness initiatives

Past and recurring topics include stress and anxiety, 同理心, healthy relationships and boundaries, depression, digital citizenship, 社会 media, video game addiction, substance use/abuse, executive functioning and ADHD, grief and loss, meditation, 营养, 睡眠, eating disorders, physical fitness and sports medicine.

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健康 Contacts

The team is led by Dr. Cynthia Powell, Counselor & 健康 Coordinator, Colleen Kimball, Director of Clinical Services, and Dr. Scott Dorfman, Medical Director.

For additional information, please contact wellness@jdrongdong.com.

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